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Index: MMPCD0746DG
Release date: 2014-11-24
Data carrier: CD
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A brand new album by the heavy metal band from Poland – Exlibris. Combining the energy of traditional heavy metal and hard rock with melodic hooks and complex arrangements since the end of 2003, Exlibris stands for rockin' guitars, distinct rhythms, epic orchestrations and powerful lead vocals. The band’s third studio release includes 12 songs with fresh melodic heavy metal ideas, stellar production, world-class vocals and catchy melodies – it’s an ideal album that should appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and Masterplan... The band are sure to surprise their fans this time around, also because of the many outstanding guest musicians featured on the album: Piotr "Dziki" Chancewicz (Wild Pig, Mech) and Piotr Rutkowski from Corruption played guitar solos. The album's intro, in turn, was recorded by Michał Staszkun, known from his cooperation with Hate. Misiek Ślusarki comments: “We're extremely satisfied about that lineup, as every single guest performer did his absolute best, and every one of them did it in their own style, making the album even more diversified. I shudder at the thought of who we might be inviting on our next album.”

The recordings took place at ZED Studio. The vocal parts were recorded at HZ Studio, where the band's previous album "Humagination" was recorded. The mix and mastering were handled by Tomek Zalewski.

The band was formed in late 2003 by Daniel Lechmański and Piotr Sikora. Their first studio album “Skyward” from 2006 received quite good reviews. Over the next few years, the bands struggled with line-up changes within the rhythm section, but continued to create music and to play occasional concerts. In the meantime, Daniel Lechmański joined Chain Reaction and recorded three albums with them. Also, Piotr Sikora is a member of Leash Eye since 2009. In January 2012 the band started to record their second album - "Humagination". During the recording time, it turned out that their vocalist Marcin will not be able to complete the recordings. Krzysztof Sokołowski aka Mistress of the Night became their new frontman. As a result, the recordings ended in early 2013. Their next album “Aftereal” is scheduled for release in late Autumn 2014. The title "Aftereal" reflects the album's atmosphere and lyrics, and there was complete agreement in the band about that choice. The keyboard player Piotr Sikora comments, "Just like it was with 'Humagination', there's a certain leitmotif in the lyrics, which refers to the album's title. They describe realities other than our own - from nightmares, through some kind of fantasy, to the so-called netherworld."

01. The Continuum
02. Escape Velocity
03. The Day Of Burning
04. In The Darkest Hour
05. Omega Point
06. Before The Storm
07. King Of The Pit
08. Darker Than Black
09. Closer
10. False Messiah
11. The Mental Crusade
12. Suspended Animation

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